Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Collective Member: Lorna

Just a quick post to say we have a new member of our collective, Lorna. You probably already noticed her nice work. Lorna studies Illustration at the University of Portsmouth and her blog will soon be featured in our links list to your right. Yaay. She's very good and uses a style that's pretty hard to pull off and requires quite a lot of skilled composition so go and stick that in your admire and smoke your pipe.

We also have a link to a blog related to 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra' by Nietzsche with paintings of playmobil men acting out various strange scenes. Very well painted. The Little Nietzsche its called, check that out as well, Zarathustra is a nutter. Our own blog title comes from a quote from that book. 'Coloured vapour before the eyes of a discontented God' seemed like an allusion to the mists of creation that swirl in the deeps of your mind, the artist being the discontented God grabbing at those mists and trying to funnel them into something corporeal. Deep.

Love, glory and may the lord gift you many children with the right amount of limbs,

The Collective

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