Saturday, 27 February 2010

Soho Tragedy

Above is the work i did for a Character Design project, creating two interacting characters from soho. I decided to create a tramp by the name of Gilbert Wilde and a bohemian nymph goddess.
The Tragedy of Soho
Gilbert had never had a good life, from being a small child he learnt that most of the world was cruel harsh and uncaring. Being raised by and abusive family and then a foster home not suitable for even the filthiest of animals. Gilbert found himself on the streets of london finally gravitating towards Soho square living there for many years, while the urban streets around him slowly drained him of what humanity he had left. Until completely by chance he came upon a nymph. Now nymphs are cruel and cold, warping the world around them until time ceases and the world reverts to the way it once was. But when gilbert layed eyes upon the nymph the last vestiges of his humanity rushed up in a fit of passion. Grabbing the nymph and announcing his undying love to her. Now as I've said Nymphs are cruel and this one in particular, for instead of just ignoring him she toyed with his emotions giving him the first caring touch he'd ever had, then with the coldness of the sea threw poor Gilbert assunder with a cold dark laugh before departing. Now what happened to poor dear Gilbert I hear you ask? Well after the cruel act of the nymph all of Gilberts humanity was gone, leaving it to the urban streets of grafitti and trash to claim his body until there was nothing left but a statue of stone.
Beware of Cruelty to others and of the Bohemian Nymph of Soho!!!!

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